Lorraine M.L.M

Hello, and I bid you a warm welcome to my website! My name is Lorraine M.L.M, and I’m the author of SeQuence and the Heart of the Ocean Fantasy/Romance Series. I do hope you feel...

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A Young Adult Fantasy Romance (The Heart of the Ocean Series Book 1)

A young love. A new world. Four Kingdoms in a Game of Sequence. Who wins when Life and Death are on the line?

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SeQuence Aligned

Sequence Aligned Book Cover
A Young Adult Fantasy Romance (The Heart of the Ocean Series Book 2)

Life. Love. Death. Which rises above a Game of SeQuence?

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SeQuence Entangled

Sequence Entangled Book
A Young Adult Fantasy Romance (The Heart of the Ocean Series Book 3)

Politics or Love? Prophecy or Truth? Dreams or Reality?
What happens when the Sequences get entangled?

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Raldarinda (SeQuence Aligned)

The Sun god of Light should become your inspiration. She works with precision, timing, and a carefully aligned sequence. She rises with her rays, beams with her rays, and sets with her rays in a faultless sequence that will take us a lifetime to understand.

Raldarinda (SeQuence Entangled)

Some may need spears, swords, bones and sticks to define their destinies, but you are a flower that dances in the breeze. You have a mind of a conqueror and the heart of a goddess. You will conquer the world with no arms but your mind.

Jadherey (SeQuence Entangled)

I was born a thorn. You were born a flower. I’m a thorn, yes, but not by choice. You’re a flower by birth, by design, by Sequence. It’s impossible for you to be anything less. A thorn may wholeheartedly love a flower, but how can it compete with the sun for the flower’s love?

Alessia (SeQuence Entangled)

Valour doesn’t always reveal itself in lurid and garish hues. Valour doesn’t continuously rumble for the world to hear. Valour is me…Valour is you…Valour is us!

Lorraine M.L.M

Thinking about writing is a joy. The act of writing is a pleasure, and writing from the heart is a passion.