Publication Day!

Posted by on Jul 6, 2017 in Publications & News

Publication Day!

For the first time since I’ve begun publishing books, today, I opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. I grabbed a wine glass, poured the fizzing liquid into it, and handed it to my husband with a grin so wide it’s unreal. I don’t drink alcohol, but he does, and he was quite happy to drink on my behalf. You’re probably wondering why today and not when I published the first or second book. Because this book is lengthy, lovely, elongated, heart-warming, extensive, enchanting, and did I mention long?

The plot evolved so much that it shocked me as much as it pleased me. At first, I panicked, and then I realised the story had its own mind, and I wouldn’t quash its spirit. I love to reward my readers and cutting this story short for the sake of keeping word count low would have ended SeQuence Entangled on a cliffhanger. I couldn’t have that. Yes, it’s a series. Yes, cliff-hangers could be fun. Yes, there are plots that won’t be resolved until later books in the series, but for me, the main plots must have a satisfactory ending in every book. Hence why the wordcount spiralled. So, I hope with all my heart that I managed that.

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