SeQuence Entangled Bonus Content: One

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SeQuence Entangled Bonus Content: One

Those who have read SeQuence Entangled, Book Three in the Heart of the Ocean Series would have noticed that the preface contains Dante and Alessia’s Union of Hearts Invitation Card but this is not shown anywhere else inside the book. The reason being this is part of the deleted scenes. I had to delete a third of the first four chapters. Seriously, I stripped a good seven thousand words to shorten the book without compromising the plot but still, SeQuence Entangled is the longest of the series so far!

However, the good news is instead of throwing away the deleted scenes, I’m compiling these into a short story that I’ll give away to SeQuence readers for free. So, if you’re reading this and enjoy the Heart of the Ocean Series, please sign up to my newsletter at so you can be the first to be notified when the free story is available.

For now, here’s a little teaser of Gradho’s excitement for the Big Day!


#Deleted Scene: One – Alessia—Zaira—Gradho

“Only the finest for my granddaughter,” Zaira said when Gradho revealed the eye-catching design for the invitation card a week ago.

“The colours ooze passion and sophistication.” Gradho paced about in Zaira’s kitchen. “And we’ll accent the colour theme with a dramatic display of blooming Osiria Roses on the big moon-day.” He turned to me, wearing a wide beaming grin on his face. “I hear Osiria Roses are your passion, zera-pe-ladha.”

I nodded and exchanged glances with Talia and Daphne, who were toying around with a new recipe for cooking kiktarra—corn dish, pretending to be oblivious. I knew I had the dreyziz to thank for that leak.

“Divine!” Gradho gushed. “The deeper the red, the more elegant and stylish the event. Just the right touch for the future Larizare, royalty. This is how I picture your big moon-day. A flurry of cool ivory-whites styled with the intensity, energy and excitement of the fiery reds will set a warm and stimulating mood that will make your moon-day one to remember. We will ensure that even the most gifted halkateiy—dreamer leeches of Felradia—can’t dream about this.”

I held the white and glossy-red-embossed invitation card against my chest, reeling with the knowledge that today was finally the day. I’d officially begin a new life with Dante.


Union of Hearts Card

Happy reading!