Beauties and Beasts of Writing a Series

Posted by on Aug 4, 2017 in Writing Musings

Beauties and Beasts of Writing a Series

Series writing has its own beauties and beasts. There’s a consensus that one should not invest her eggs in one basket. And yes, I’d be a fool not to heed this advice.

So, every time I sit down to plot a series, I ask myself at least a dozen questions that centres around one fundamental question. Shall I write a three/four or even five book series or simply write a standalone book? Writing a series is usually my first choice, but not too soon after, the beasts start reeling inside my head.

  • What if the first book is a dismal failure and no one reads Books Two, Three and Four?
  • What if I waste valuable time plotting and writing a series that no one wants to read?
  • Do I write four standalone books or four series books?
  • Will my readers appreciate four standalone books or four series books?
  • Do I market four series books or market Book One and hope my readers pick up Books Two, Three and Four?
  • What if I just shut out every demon and just write? Huh! How about that?

I’m constantly in a battle with myself. Fortunately, not all is in vain. Every time there’s a beast there’s always a beauty. The beauties of series writing are vast and I think they outweigh the beasts by a mile.

  • With each series book, the characters liven up and grow. As an author, I get to grow and develop a solid relationship with my characters. As a reader, I also grow and begin to understand the world of the characters, what makes them tick and why they act the way they do.
  • As the stakes rise, the plot thickens, and the story develops.
  • With each book, the writing improves, the story strengthens and the character’s world comes alive.
  • Readers who stick to a series earn an abundance of rewards. We get to live in our much-loved character’s world for a long time. This helps us develop a bond with the characters, one that is priceless and precious.

I ran a survey for my readers and asked an optional question. If you were stuck in the world of SeQuence which character would you like to be with and why? The answers were remarkable and so gratifying. Thanks to everyone who shared their views. I could see the bond between my readers and my characters forming right in front of my eyes. Just having that one person who says…I really love your series is so heart-warming—it gives me the fuel to carry on.

This post is already getting too long so I must stop. In my next post, I’ll share some of the answers from the survey. Thanks so much for reading my musings.

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