Happy 60th birthday to my Mother!

Posted by on Jan 22, 2018 in Miscellaneous

Happy 60th birthday to my Mother!

To my mother, Asele,

A mother’s love is unconditional. Your love for me is absolute—it never wavers. My love for you is forever—and today I write for you…

All that I am is because of you. You raised me well and you raised me right. Today, January 22nd as we celebrate your 60th birthday, I’m in tears. But these are not tears of sadness, these are tears of happiness, hope, courage, love and everything in between for you are loved.

You have a big and loving heart. And yes, it hurts that I’m not there to celebrate with you, but even as five thousand miles separate us, our hearts are as close as they’ve always been. You’re my number one, and no matter where I go, who I meet or what I do, you’ll always be my first love.

Happy birthday, Mum! I wish you plenty of love, happiness, good health and many more years to come.

I love you, Mum.