A Royal Wedding

Posted by on May 19, 2018 in Books & Movies, Characters & Actors, Miscellaneous

A Royal Wedding


Well, I wasn’t planning on spending all day watching the Royal wedding today or even blogging about it, but I got to admit, there was so much beauty, cuteness, and love going around, I had to join in. The weather was awesome. And we all know the British weather, it never behaves. But today, it was absolutely amazing and the wedding was phenomenal. I was in Windsor a couple of weeks ago and I wish I had stayed a little bit longer.


Congrats to the newlyweds.

Whatever you were up to, hope you enjoyed your day!

I sure did. In fact, not much writing went on for me. My head is still buzzing with #royalwedding cuteness. After today’s research, (which included being glued to the TV, eating popcorn, sipping red wine…Olivier started it:) – okay non-alcoholic red wine) I feel I’m well equipped for a royal love story. Once Upon a Royal…

Good day!