A message of thanks

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018 in Publications & News, Writing Musings

A message of thanks

I’m thrilled to reveal my redesigned website banner!

Sequence Website Banner

Huge thanks to my amazing website designer Nick Hunt for his patience, understanding and talents.

Massive thanks to my fabulous cover designer, Jane Dixon-Smith for her brilliant design. Jane always manages to capture the essence of my stories in her designs and I must say, this time, once again, she was spot on. This banner echoes the intricacies of modern writing, emphasizes the power of imagination whilst weaving the boundary between reality and magic. It is a perfect encapsulation of my stories (published and unpublished), all captured on a single image ranging from fantasy to contemporary.

Seriously I can’t stop smiling because there’s so much more within the image that speaks volumes without words. Being a modern writer, I love writing across genres and this banner sums up why I’m a lover of genre mash-ups. The beauty is limitless.

Please watch this space for my upcoming books filled with #adventure, #magic, #mystery, #fantasy, #dreams, #reality, #romance #love #diversity #paranormal #sci-fi #fun

I could go on and on but I’d love to hear your thoughts instead.

Much love,