New Books Alert

Posted by on Sep 23, 2018 in Miscellaneous

New Books Alert

Or shall I say, NEW WIPs ALERT 

They say a writer’s job is never done and it’s so true.

Whilst I’m waiting to receive the edits back for SeQuence Unbound, I started writing two new books today. They’re both High School YA Contemporary novels with a dash of mystery and romance. One of them is set in a boarding school and it sits very well with me because it takes me back to my six years at my all-girls boarding school. From the dormitories to the matrons, to the prefects, to the discipline, it was a different kind of world and one that I’ll always cherish (so says the girl who cried on her first day of school because she wanted to go home). Yeah, that was me, and the Friday after, my dad came to pick me up so I could go home for the weekend. And he continued to do so every weekend for almost an entire year.

And of course, things are so different now, (we didn’t have mobile phones in my time, secret letters were hand-delivered) so even though technology has moved on, teenagers will always be teenagers. And all those memories are just flashing back.

I’m really excited about these books because they’re fresh, modern and everything in between and hopefully I should be able to give you more information soon.

Much love,