Taking a Chance

Posted by on Jun 15, 2019 in Books & Movies

Taking a Chance

Happy Saturday.

It’s been a while since I blogged and today seemed like a great day to do so. This is just a quick update on my WIP’s. Okay, so I have three projects on the go; fantasy, contemporary and paranormal. I love reading across genres and my writing follows the same path too. And today I want to talk a bit more about my Paranormal Romance novel, currently titled; Quietus Kiss. So the story idea came from a dream I had two years ago and since then the story has refused to leave my mind. I had to write it.

Quietus Kiss is a #YA Paranormal Romance story about a girl who gets transported to a new world. I love experimenting with different genres and I’m glad I took a chance and dug in. I’m using all my learning from my previous books to hopefully make this book as best as it can be.

I’m currently buried deep in self-edits and Estelle’s story is finally taking shape. Here’s a little more about the little pitch that I’ve been working on:

A Discovery of Witches meets A Shade of Vampire.

In a kingdom of soul-eaters, vampires and witches, humans are either food or slaves. One ‘creature’ is both a monster and a man. And I am the girl with the power to save everyone or doom them all.

Witches to the East
Soul-eaters to the South
Vampires to the North

When magic collides, who will be left standing?

Quietus Kiss will be ready in the next month or so, and once it’s ready I’ll start querying agents/publishers and see how it goes.

Thanks for reading.

Much love,