Romance Passion


I’m a romantic at heart. I’ve read more romance books than any books from any other genres. I can safely say I never get bored of reading romance. Likewise, I can’t imagine my books without a good sprinkle of gentle romance, love, and happy ever afters. At the end of devouring a book, I want to shed tears of elation, not tears of despair. I want to feel flurries of excitement, not spasms of pain. Bottom line, I want to be gratified, not depressed. There are enough challenges in this world so when I read or write a fiction book, it’s my chance to escape to a better place, a beautiful place, a place of bliss. I want to experience the journey with the characters. I want to shut my eyes, open my mind, and drift into their world. In the end, I want to read or write a story that ends happily despite the trials.

With the Felradian halkateiy relentlessly spinning the wheels of the future and redesigning sequences, what begins as a short journey soon becomes a peregrination. It is filled with ups and downs, lows and highs, tears and laughter.

Raldarinda (SeQuence Aligned)