YA Fiction Delight

Magic bookI’m an author who relishes adventure and exploration. Writing Young Adult Fiction enables me to do just that. Although my books are predominantly romance, there’s a whole load of learning for those with an open mind. I write true-to-life characters. They are not perfect. Everyone is flawed in one way or the other, but learning from one’s slipups is the key to a better future. Making mistakes for love, well, that’s an inevitable glissade for all romantics. My characters have their fair share of faults, and sometimes, one wrong decision results in a ripple of erroneous actions. It’s how they deal with them that I hope will resonate with readers.


“Young adults have a lifetime of endless possibilities ahead of them; however, it’s the choices they make now that will shape their futures.”

Lorraine M.L.M

“Young adults are the bridge between innocence and adulthood. Mould that bridge and create a world brimming with responsible humans.”

Lorraine M.L.M

“It’s nice to connect with my younger self. All those choices and possibilities. Writing is reliving every choice, every possibility, every option with the goal of making the right choice.”

Lorraine M.L.M

The future belongs to the young at heart. Everyone has the power to shape their destinies.

Stay young, and happy reading!

Lorraine M.L.M

Mum, we can share the future. It’s not you or me. It’s us.

Summer (Fairy Tale Dad)