It’s been a long time…

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It’s been a long time…


It’s been a long time since I posted anything on this blog and today seemed like a good day to simply say hello.

Despite being away from social media for a while, I’ve been working on my writing and I’m pleased to say I have three complete manuscripts that I can’t wait to share with you all. There’s something for everyone ranging from vampires and witches, to fairytales and magic.

And I’m super excited that the Cinderella Retelling with an ‘African twist’ that I have always wanted to write for years is now complete. And this pic sums up the beautiful friendships between my protagonist and her amazing friends.

Now the next challenge is to find a home for these books. More to come soon.

Happy reading!

Much love,


Three weeks in and I’m buzzing…

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Three weeks in and I’m buzzing…


It’s 3 weeks today since I uploaded #FairyTaleDad to Swoon Reads. After spending the best part of two years writing and rewriting this story, it took a lot of courage to bring it out into the open. There’s always that nervous feeling that never goes away when you finally bring to light something you’ve been working on for so long. Of course, I had been dipping in and out of this story whilst working on other projects, but it still feels like a long time. Since I made the decision to upload to Swoon Reads, many questions have been reeling inside my head.

What if everyone hates this story?

What if it’s utterly rubbish?

What if everyone just ignores it?

What if I’m not cut out for this?

Even when you try to stay positive, it’s hard.

But I have been absolutely blown away with the incredible feedback #FairyTaleDad has received from the Swoon Reads Community! And I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s given Summer’s story a chance. Thank you for taking the time to read, rate or comment on the story.

It takes a lot of commitment to read an unpublished story, especially when there are thousands of amazing stories out there. Regardless of which route Summer’s story takes, I’ll always appreciate all the feedback I’ve received and will forever be grateful.

Much love,

Loved this! The characters are well written, including the secondary characters. I loved Summer – a strong character but with insecurities which were portrayed well. Henry is wonderful as is Summer’s Mum, Uncle Tony and the other adults who are in Summer’s life and I adored the IT-savvy neighbour too! Kept me turning the pages right up to the end. Great job!

Swoon Reader


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Summer’s wish is to have a dad. But the odds of ever finding her biological father are one in a million. She’s the product of an anonymous sperm donor, an unscrupulous fertility agent and a closed fertility clinic.

When Summer’s best friend, Jake, performs an illegal hack for her seventeenth birthday, she’s in for a shocking surprise. All the evidence indicates that her father is Lord Henry Appleton, an English Lord, billionaire and CEO of the most esteemed real estate companies in London. Who could ask for a better father figure?

But getting close to him isn’t easy. Even if Summer lands the prestigious internship as his personal assistant, she must contend with Lord Henry’s conniving ex-girlfriend the relentless paparazzi, and the growing attraction between him and her mum–all while carrying a secret that only she and Jake know.


´* “A phenomenal modern-day fairytale that’s clever, uplifting and fun.” ✫´*

´* “Very interesting story that kept me intrigued and engaged in the book.”✫´*

´* “Fantastic. How much family really means. Family has unconditional love and faith. No one can replace anyone. Love holds and heals us.”

´* “This book instantly tugs at the strings of your heart and you want to see the whole thing through. It’s hard to put down. Once you start its mesmerizing. Love it!” ✫´*

´* “I realized a while back that most of the stories I’ve been reading, none of the main characters looks like me. This story is a first of its kind. Just beautiful 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾” ✫´*

To START READING please click here

Much love,


#FairyTaleDad Cover Reveal

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#FairyTaleDad Cover Reveal

Sunday Surprise Cover Reveal!

I’m super thrilled to reveal the cover of my new Young Adult Contemporary Romance Novel, #FairyTaleDad. Before today I didn’t even think I’d reveal the cover, but I’ve decided to go for it. Why? Because 2019 is the year of stepping out of my comfort zone and being bold. Tomorrow I’ll be sending out the newsletter so no one misses out.

I have more announcements coming your way this week, so if you don’t want to miss out, please make sure you check my FB page for live updates.

P.S #FairyTaleDad is ready to read!

More details to come soon.

Much love,


No one ever said finding her Dad would be easy. But sometimes a girl’s got to make the magic happen.


SeQuence Unbound Publication Day!

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SeQuence Unbound Publication Day!

Publication Day!

I’m beyond thrilled that the penultimate book in the Heart of the Ocean Series is out today. There’s one more book left to go and my debut series will be complete. I want to thank all my readers who have read the series so far. It’s one thing writing a book I love to read, but when others love to read it too, it makes it more special.

To continue the Heart of the Ocean Series, grab your copy here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the prologue.


Through the eyes of a fisherman

The Blue Sea of Sequence, serene and silent, sprawled all around me. Dawn was just breaking, the sky softening to a placid blue. The waves were mild, enshrouded by the silvery morning mist. I repositioned my fishing nets, praying to the moons for a good catch. Any catch. This was my life, and the sea was my livelihood. It had been three moon-days, and I had caught nothing. Today was Moon-day one of the Harvest Moon celebrations, and as of yet, I had nothing to offer.

In the quiet of dawn, a high-pitched howl bounced over the sea. I snapped my head back, gripping my nets tightly. A dull and thick mist spread over the waters. Perhaps I shouldn’t have ventured too far into the sea. A chill went through me. The roaring wind lashed over the ocean, spraying water into my boat.

The howling resembled a calling. One I’d never heard before. The strange sound pierced through my ears. Through squinted eyes, I gazed upon the foamy waves rising high. As the sea pulsated, the waves grew powerful. My boat pitched and took in some water. I slipped and tumbled to the floor. As my net dropped, I raced to grip the rope, my knuckles turning white.

Frantically, I tried to pull up the nets, whispering through choppy breaths, “My moons. My gods. My stars. This is my livelihood. The Blue Sea of Sequence gives. It never takes…it never takes…never.”

The sea swallowed my chants. The net became heavy—the heaviest it had ever been. In the rising mist, I peered through the crystal clear waters and I gaped, questioning my sight.

There she was. A creature of the waters trapped in my net.

A mermaid! Impossible.

In distress she waved her hands, screaming. I shook, too shocked to act. As her scream penetrated the surface of the water, her voice echoed inside my head. Within the scream, she sang—a song so melodic, it caused the waves of the sea to undulate.

Mesmerised, I was rendered motionless, taken by the beautiful sound of her voice. It was enchanting serenade—a calling to my soul. Inevitably, I lost my grip and toppled backwards into my boat. My heart beat in my neck and ears, and knowing death was near, I scrambled up. Ahead was a sight like no other. She was not alone.

A dozen—no, hundreds of mermaids—rose above the waves, their long fish tails of various shades scintillating in the morning rays. Blinded and frozen to the core, my life flashed in front of me. The sound of their voices bounced over the sea. They moved so fast, causing the ocean to ripple around them. I gazed at the one caught in my net. Now, she was watching me, an expression of concentration on her face. Her eyes locked onto mine. No blink. No flutter. No flap. But her pupils were rolling like they were engaged in a continuous hypnotic motion.

Transfixed, I listened to her melodic voice ringing in my ears, knowing death was here, but there was nothing I could do about it. When she stopped singing, I found myself again and dove into the water. And I swam hard and fast towards the shore. I couldn’t allow death to catch me. I had a daughter. I was a father. I was a survivor. And I would tell the Larize what I had seen.

The merfolk were real and they were here.

I hope you enjoyed this small sample. Beta readers are saying Unbound is the best book in the series and I can’t wait to hear your views.

Much love,


A Game of Sequence is a long game. It is a game of centuries, multiples, and players that transcends realms. It can have a dozen players or a thousand. But what good is a game if all players are visible at first sight. Supposing there is one hidden under a cloud of fog, veiled inside the Heart of the Ocean, and protected from the gamers of Sequence. She’s the one who holds all the sequences in the palm of her hands. She is the jewel of the ocean, and the living Sequence to Life, Love, and Death.
Once she’s unbound, the playing field is even.

Moon-Day Four

Halkateiy Valeima Mautilus

My heart is thumping so hard, I can barely breathe. I see them from a distance before anyone else. The Sleepers are coming, and they’re coming for me. My hearing is heightened. My sight is enhanced. My sense of smell is otherworldly, and a simple touch electrifies me.  A whisper echoes on the wind, my heart pounds in my chest, energy crackling like lightning all around. My cravings have multiplied. Even my voice is stronger, my hair thicker, my skin tougher, and my mind sturdier. It’s just as well I am not afraid because what’s coming next is not for the faint-of-heart. I must prevail.


SeQuence Unbound

When Summer met Harry Potter

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When Summer met Harry Potter

A mother’s delight…

Today my daughter and I were going through our photos and we came across a photo from March 2018. This was one of the highlights of my writing journey this year…

It was that moment when my daughter decided to dress up as Summer Le-Winton, a character from my yet to be published novel… and my son dressed as the phenomenal Harry Potter.

Here are some of the events leading up to this epic moment. Every year World Book Day is celebrated across the world. And in 2018 festivities in the UK were rearranged and rescheduled due to the Beast from the East. So my daughter’s school postponed the dressing up day to the 8th of March.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into Sainsbury’s with my daughter expecting to buy her something from the stock of well-known book day costumes, and she turned around and said, “Mummy, I would like to dress up as a character from one of your books please.”

That gave me pause. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she answered, eyes glinting.

“But no one will know who you’re dressed as.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll know,” she said. “What does Summer or Alessia wear?”

My mouth fell open. “Alessia might be a bit tricky, but Summer wears anything on that aisle.”

“I’m dressing up as Summer then,” she said, looking through the clothing rail. Then she picked an outfit she liked. “Does Summer wear this?”

“Yes,” I answered, close to tears. I really had to hold back here. I was that emotional.

Of all the costumes in the shop. Of all the books on the shelves. Of all the authors in the world, she chose to dress as a character from her mum’s book that’s not even published yet.

Sometimes it’s difficult to notice that the things we do can impact children in different and special ways. As I walked across the shop, I was struck by an intense realisation. In the shopping trolley was a beautiful Harry Potter outfit that my daughter and I had chosen for my son. And next to it was a simple outfit, of a simple girl from a book that’s yet to even hit the shelves.

JK Rowling touched millions of hearts in so many special ways through her words. But not everyone can do the same. And there I was, touching just one girl’s—my daughter’s heart through words she hasn’t even read yet.

All she sees is me toiling day and night, writing.

At that moment, I felt as though I had accomplished everything I had ever set out to achieve. And I wanted to share my story with everyone who’s ever had a dream.

Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop believing. Don’t be afraid to change the world for the greater good.

Even if you end up just changing one person’s life for the better—you’ve done your bit, and the world will thank you for it.

Best wishes,



Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop believing. Don’t be afraid to change the world for the greater good. Even if you end up just changing one person’s life for the better—you’ve done your bit, and the world will thank you for it.

Lorraine M.L.M

A million dreams!

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A million dreams!

So I watched the Greatest Showman again for the umpteenth time a few weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about this movie.

It’s amazing how a movie that was purely made for entertainment can have such a strong and beautiful message of hope, dreams, faith, belonging, what it means to be human (I could go on). So it made me think about the books I write, the things I say and the stories I tell. And I can only hope that somewhere within there’s a positive message that will inspire others for the greater good. And on that note, I dug out some of the quotes I love.

“The future belongs to those with the desire to drive it forward, the hearts to make a positive difference, and the faith to imagine it.”

I absolutely love this quote and there’s nothing I can add to it that hasn’t already been said.

“I was born a thorn. You were born a flower. A thorn may wholeheartedly love a flower but how can it possibly protect her from its sting?”

This quote speaks to me in so many ways. It’s from one of the heart-wrenching scenes from Book 3 of my fantasy series and every time I read it, my heart hurts because I know that somewhere out there, someone is having a similar dilemma. Whilst I can solve this issue through fiction, in real life, it’s not as easy.

I’ll be sharing more soon.

Much love,


“You were born a rare and exceptional flower, yet the world is inundated with thorns and spikes, and they all have one goal—you. You were born for greatness, and there’s an immortal light in you, and for that, darkness will constantly tag along.”



“Take a flower with a heart, and a light with a soul, and fuse them together, as you are darling, there’s only one result—Alessia of house Serenius. You will not shrivel. You will not wilt. You’ll rise above the Game of Sequence. You’ll hold that game in the palm of your hands until all the kingdoms bow their heads down in surrender.”



New Books Alert

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New Books Alert

Or shall I say, NEW WIPs ALERT 

They say a writer’s job is never done and it’s so true.

Whilst I’m waiting to receive the edits back for SeQuence Unbound, I started writing two new books today. They’re both High School YA Contemporary novels with a dash of mystery and romance. One of them is set in a boarding school and it sits very well with me because it takes me back to my six years at my all-girls boarding school. From the dormitories to the matrons, to the prefects, to the discipline, it was a different kind of world and one that I’ll always cherish (so says the girl who cried on her first day of school because she wanted to go home). Yeah, that was me, and the Friday after, my dad came to pick me up so I could go home for the weekend. And he continued to do so every weekend for almost an entire year.

And of course, things are so different now, (we didn’t have mobile phones in my time, secret letters were hand-delivered) so even though technology has moved on, teenagers will always be teenagers. And all those memories are just flashing back.

I’m really excited about these books because they’re fresh, modern and everything in between and hopefully I should be able to give you more information soon.

Much love,


SeQuence Unbound’s Pre-order is LIVE!

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SeQuence Unbound’s Pre-order is LIVE!

I’m super excited to confirm that SeQuence Unbound’s Pre-order is now live. The penultimate book in the Heart of the Ocean Series will be released on Thursday, November 8th, 2018!

Looking back at how this story started, it’s been an amazing journey. Through Alessia’s story, I’ve formed incredible friendships with fellow authors, readers, editors, designers etc — it’s been a journey worth taking in every possible way.

Naturally, I’m feeling a bit emotional because I can now see the end of the Heart of the Ocean series and it seems like yesterday when I simply scribbled, a world under the sea.

And just like that, Alessia’s story began.

This 4th book makes me excited and nervous and giddy and ‘you name it’ because there are huge twists and turns, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

To pre-order: Click Here

Happy reading!

Much love,



You reached the deepest depths of the ocean for me, and I will cross worlds for you.

Sequence Unbound

Want to pre-order?

SeQuence Unbound Cover Reveal!

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SeQuence Unbound Cover Reveal!

Here it is!

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover for the 4th book in the Heart of the Ocean Series. Massive thanks to my amazing cover designer Jane Dixon-Smith!

Pre-order and release details will be coming soon!


When Alessia saves not only Tuscania, but Dante as well, she hopes it will set all the Sequences in order. But things rarely turn out the way Alessia hopes. Instead, she finds herself torn between two princes as the voices and visions in her head become stronger than ever.

While Dante and Jadherey vie for her heart and her hand, a part of Tuscania’s protective shield collapses and it is attacked. The invaders have a proposition though—they’ll leave the realm intact if Alessia and her foretold mate are turned over to them in chains. With Alessia and Dante as their key, the Njuzathians plan to break open the gate to Earth and wreak havoc on two worlds at once.

But the Reverse Sequence has other plans—plans that will twist the fate of everyone involved beyond reckoning.

They had long fish tails of various shades with scales that gleamed like diamonds. I was blinded. They moved so fast it caused the ocean to ripple around them. But their eyes, my prince, they don’t blink—they roll.

Elijah of house Leyjoy