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My fantasy romance books give me the most freedom to spread my wings. I do minimal research because fantasy is imprinted inside my head. I think of the impossible and make it probable through weaving plot after plot. There’s no weirdness or strangeness in Fantasy. There’s no, “It can’t be done.” There are no bounds to imagination. That knowledge gives me just enough power to fly. I have over a dozen books planned across three series. The first series, The Heart of the Ocean is out, and more books in this series will be published as quickly as I can write them.

The Heart of the Ocean Series

This series will appeal to fans of fairy tale romance, sword and sorcery, folk tales, undersea worlds, parallel fantasy lands, new worlds, and female protagonists with unique powers. It is a sweet, romantic tale about first and forever love, sacrifice, and courage in a breathtaking and mystical world where SeQuence takes precedence over Chance.

Join Alessia’s adventure in her new world. Allow yourself to be blown away by the electrifying descriptions of the Four Kingdoms. Embrace the cosiness of gentle yet soulful romance. Let your worries flit away like whispers in the wind. Enthralling, romantic, and totally enchanting, The Heart of the Ocean Series will whisk you to the kingdom under the moons where fantasy and romance merge into a magical fusion of steadfast love.

What readers are saying about this enthralling new novel series.

“I would highly recommend this book to everyone especially those interested in fantasy/romance novels and while this book is aimed at a young adult audience I wouldn’t be surprised to find many adults also enjoyed this heart-warming and delightful slice of heaven.”

JODIE, For the novel lovers Blog ★★★★

“This book exceeded all expectations and I highly recommend it for fans of YA Fantasy and YA Romance. SeQuence was a phenomenal fantasy romance that takes the reader on an epic journey.”

JANNA, The Novel Lady Blog ★★★★

“SeQuence has an ending that left me thirsting for more and I eagerly await book 2 SeQuence Aligned with bated breath. The author has weaved a world that reminds me exactly why I love YA Fantasy. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone looking for one of the great books out there.”

CASSANDRA A JAMES, YA paranormal romance author ★★★★★

“I love the graphic descriptions written in each chapter of SeQuence. I wish my tutors had given me examples of such writing used in SeQuence. Without a doubt I will be recommending it to our library as the cleanness and balance of adventure, mystery and love impressed me.”

RICHELLE, Readlearnandshine blog ★★★★★

“The setting did transport me to an intriguing world having two moons, warring lands, a refreshing belief system and fascinating creatures. The magic system is rooted in the power of the mind and I was thoroughly captivated by that.”

NANDINI, Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★

“Brilliant page-turner! I could almost hear the voices in Alessia’s head. I could feel the intense pressure at the exam place. I could feel everything as if I was her, as if she were right inside my head, screaming for my attention to follow her in her journey.”

Clem, Amazon customer ★★★★★

Such deep, creative writing paints a world of epic fantasy that will leave your imagination completely gripped and transported to a world where the inhabitants live by harnessing their gifts. Amidst this new Kingdom, the love story that unfolds can only be described as the “Sequence of Hearts” by the pure nature of its innocence; and I found that I couldn’t stop until I had consumed the book to the end, to make sure that their happiness was not snatched away as quickly as it unfolded.”

Amazon customer ★★★★★

Lorraine’s Series note:

There are more than a handful books in the SeQuence Romance Saga, and it’s my hope that you enjoy every one of them. The series revolves around the lives of two young lovers, Alessia and Dante, as they fight for their love, for their Sequence, and for the stability and future of their world.

May the magic of Sequence bring you bliss.

I hope that you enjoy reading these books as much I enjoyed writing them.

Much love,


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I couldn’t help but fall in love with Lorraine M.L.M.’s almost poetic and dreamlike prose and her wonderfully crafted characters.

Jamie Waters, Award-Winning Author of The Towers series