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Feel good Modern Day Fairytales with a dash of Romance in every tale

My Roses, Raindrops, and Romance (R-Cubed) Line of books are without doubt the most fun to write. There are no heavy frills of fantasy, no technological trappings of Sci-Fi, and no chilling accompaniments of paranormal novels. This line is purely based on stories set in our everyday world, featuring true-to-life characters, your typical girl next door. They feature witty, charming, and diverse Young Adult female leads, influential yet gentle male leads, a thoroughly enjoyable supporting cast, and a huge sprinkle of humour. Currently, there are three standalone books planned for this line, and who knows what’s coming next. However, I’m incredibly thrilled that, the first book, Fairytale Dad will be published in 2018!

Fairytale Dad

A Young Adult Contemporary Romance (Roses, Raindrops, & Romance Books)

Fill up your mind with this feel-good and delightful infusion of Summer, Roses, Raindrops, and Romance. It’s an engrossing and heart-warming modern-day fairytale with a charming supernatural twist.


No one ever said finding her fairy tale would be easy, but sometimes a girl’s got to make the magic happen.

Summer Le-Winton’s one wish is to have a real dad. The odds of ever finding her biological father are one in a million. She’s the product of an anonymous sperm donor. The record of her conception is locked, and someone threw away the key. All Summer knows is she’s a mixed-race child. Her mum is black so her dad must be white.

When Summer’s best friend, Jake, hacks into the network for the sperm banks of England on her seventeenth birthday, she’s in for a shocking surprise. The documents clearly state that Summer’s biological father is none other than Lord Henry Appleton, an English Lord, billionaire, and the CEO of one of the most prestigious oil companies in London. It doesn’t make sense, but Summer has to find out if it’s true.

And the only way to do that is to meet Lord Henry. Maybe she can even sneak a DNA sample to prove who she really is. But getting close to an English Lord isn’t as easy as it sounds. And even if Summer lands the internship that would place her as his personal assistant, she may find that having a fairy tale dad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Cover and Book coming soon!

Lorraine’s note:

Summer is in for a shocking surprise, and so are my SeQuence readers!


In every sequence lies a connection. In every connection lies a series. In every series lies a story. Fairytale Dad is a tale that lightly crosses genre rules and, within it, lies a surprise that SeQuence fans will truly cherish.


Young Adult
Clean Romance

Modern-Day Fairytale

Fall in love with Summer Le-Winton and Lord Henry Appleton in this delightful modern-day fairytale with a charming supernatural twist.

Lorraine M.L.M