SeQuence Unbound

A Young Adult Fantasy Romance (The Heart of the Ocean Series Book 4)


Destiny has a design. Love has a better design. Sequence has a superior design.
Which plan rises above a Game of Sequence?


When Alessia saves not only Tuscania, but Dante as well, she hopes it will set all the Sequences in order. But things rarely turn out the way Alessia hopes. Instead, she finds herself torn between two princes as the voices and visions in her head become stronger than ever.

While Dante and Jadherey vie for her heart and her hand, a part of Tuscania’s protective shield collapses and it is attacked. The invaders have a proposition though—they’ll leave the realm intact if Alessia and her foretold mate are turned over to them in chains. With Alessia and Dante as their key, the Njuzathians plan to break open the gate to Earth and wreak havoc on two worlds at once.

But the Reverse Sequence has other plans—plans that will twist the fate of everyone involved beyond reckoning.

Moon-Day Four

My Felradian Gift to you…

A Game of Sequence

A Game of Sequence is a long game. It is a game of centuries, multiples, and players that transcends realms. It can have a dozen players or a thousand. But what good is a game if all players are visible at first sight. Supposing there is one hidden under a cloud of fog, veiled inside the Heart of the Ocean and protected from the gamers of Sequence. She’s the one who holds all the sequences in the palm of her hands. She is the jewel of the ocean, and the living Sequence to Life, Love and Death.
Once she’s unbound, the playing field is even.

Halkateiy Valeima Mautilus
of House Regai-Rallias


They had long fish tails of various shades with scales that gleamed like diamonds. I was blinded. They moved so fast it caused the ocean to ripple around them. But their eyes, my prince, they don’t blink—they roll.

Fisherman (SeQuence Unbound)