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Are you dreaming of the future yet? Well, I am. We live in an ever-shifting world. Technology is relentlessly advancing at supersonic speed. Others are scared. Some are fascinated. The rest are simply indifferent. Just think of driverless cars, flying drones, talking robots, nanotechnology, floating cities, etc.

For a writer who relishes in the extraordinary, it’s impossible not to imagine a world without these incredible inventions. I’m extremely excited by the future. That’s where the idea of the Truegirl Series was born. If you forgive my slight bias, I can assure you that this is an amazing series and such a pleasure to write. Apart from the fun stuff of imagining Earth in two-hundred years’ time, there’s so much research and imagination that goes into writing a Dystopian/Utopian novel. Hopefully, in the end, it will be worth the effort.

The Truegirl Series

Young Adult Sci-Fi Dystopian/Utopian Romance (The Truegirl Series)

Short Teaser:

Earth 2216. In a world controlled, governed, and reigned by androids, humans are lower than low, inferior and insignificant.

Skye Euston is human. She’s a Truegirl with an inherent detestation for all forms of Cyborg. Rob Artley is a bionic biorobot on borrowed time. He’s the involuntary trigger for a Nuclear bomb that will exterminate half the world’s human population. When Cyberland’s Zone Integration mission goes wrong, Rob’s trigger activates, and the unlikely pair is stranded in enemy territory behind the Bulwark of Peace in Truemensland—the sector of the radicals. Truemens manifesto is unyielding. Any human caught collaborating with the machines is deemed, the enemy. Their motto is unbending; Kill cyborg, burn cyborg or die trying. In a race against time, Skye and Rob have two limited choices. Join forces or die.

Will the duo survive the hostility between them, find their haven, and discover something even more remarkable before Rob turns nuclear?


The title, cover, and blurb coming soon!

Estimated release: 2018


Forbidden clean Romance
Young Adult

Take a leap into the future and follow Skye Euston and Rob Artley on an action-packed adventure in this thrilling Sci-Fi Romance that poses the question…what does it mean to be human?

Lorraine M.L.M